I invite you to see a selection of display projects. For me, as for a working artist, exhibiting my works for a show is very important and it has always been interesting to me. Interesting because of getting to know people and their reflections on what I do, interesting by how this or that work presents itself in a space new to it and how it works, communicates and corresponds with it. Only after the public presentation the work begins its real life in this world, through the people who see it. Beautifully when the work influences real people's lives and their thoughts, and a reality which can become different through art.

Space and artistic action can't be divided, I can't see my works without a space in which they can exist and can collaborate with mutual respect, even for a very short period of time.
I am open to new interesting challenges, projects and presentation which need a fresh solution.

"Space needs power and art gives that drive" .

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