Ground of Things

The Ground of Things exhibition is the result of cooperation between the poet and the graphic artist. Aleksander Najda's poems and Vasyl Savchenko's graphics are at its foundation. The collaboration that we witness here began about two years ago. The poet shared his poems with a multimedia visual artist who, under their influence, built a parallel chain of works done with charcoal later transferred to silkscreens.
With time, it became obvious that the collected material deserves not only the originally intended publication but also a large exhibition, where, on an epic scale and form this fruitful collaboration will shine with amplified strength.

Our cooperation is a "living organism" and continues to develop. New poems provoke new graphic works that take the form of works on paper, canvas, silkscreen, and digital form as well. At any time, Mr. Savchenko is capable to transfer the result of his inspiration to true murals or "murals" on canvas or any other medium that will fit the needs of the given space.  

Silkscreen prints

Video process

Exhibition Drawings details

Project Publication



Solo, with poetry of Aleksandr Najda


Ground of Things


14.10.2022 – 08.01.2023


Hanna Klepacka
Sandro Ruscio


Anna Fronckiewicz-Spodnik
Dominik Podsiadły (assistant)

Project coordinator

Piotr Micek
Ilona Sapka


WGS BWA, Contemporary Art Gallery (Old Mine)


Walbrzych, Poland

Special thanks

Waldemar Kuczma
Elizabeth Najda
Tomasz Borucki
Eliza Łoś-Strychowska
Anastasja Lysyuk
Mateusz Żywicki (Fundacja Morze)
Michael Liguz

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