Voices of Ukraine

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Time-Lapse migration invites cultural institutions, NGOs and artistic initiatives to participate and exhibit new artistic perspectives on the themes of misinformation, disinformation and forced migration.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" this famous quote refers to the multiplicity of meanings that are contained in the images. Artists are good at reflecting social issues through their practice and this can help overcome misinformation narratives. Juri Lotman underlines the connection between those who transmit and those who receive the message via art. Misinformation, which often uses the strategy of constantly repeating a lie until it is perceived as truth, can be fought by using art that resonates with the audience.

This exhibition is curated by Mar Canet and features seven Ukrainian artists who each reframe complex themes such as misinformation, disinformation, and forced migration. All of the artworks are minted as Tezos NFTs in objkt marketplace in order to raise funds for the artists, and 22% goes to the NGO "Artists against War". In addition, the metaverse exhibition offers the audience an enriched experience of all the artworks in a virtual exhibition.

Mar Canet, curator

About the exhibited work: The work was first created as a graffiti on a billboard at LayUp Gallery in Gdansk, Poland, at the invitation of curator Krik Kong. This work is devoted to Ukrainian women who are very strong, courageous, wise, and beautiful. Many of these women are currently fighting on the front lines with the enemy for the independence of Ukraine.The work was done in the colorful CMYK space to obtain the correct depth of color using raster shading in the style of a comic book with the heroes of the 70s.





Voices of Ukraine




Mar Canet Solà

Kateryna Pidhaina

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